What's simple to you is magical to others

Business 3 min read , May 8, 2019

My eldest daughter Zadie has a rubik’s cube at home. She mixed it up, and eventually couldn’t figure out how to put it back together. She asked me, “Dad, can you fix this for me?” I didn’t have a clue how rubik’s cubes work, and we both remembered that my workmate, Atty. Ramon, is fantastic with this. "I’ll bring it to Tito Ramon and ask him to fix it for you!” I said as I put the toy in my briefcase.

When I got to work later that day, I approached Ramon and said, “Bro, can you help with this?” Ramon took the toy and started fiddling around with it. As he looked at the toy from all angles, he asked, “Where do you want to do lunch today?” I was running thru the errands and meetings in my head and decided on a restaurant near our office. By the time I was ready to answer, he handed me the Rubik’s cube all arranged by color on all sides. Total time to solve the puzzle: less than a minute.

I was astonished with this. Since I wasn't familiar with the Rubik’s Cube, it would have taken me half a day figuring it out. I would have watched multiple Youtube tutorials on how to solve it. But since Ramon did this multiple times before, he was solving it WHILE we were discussing where to get lunch that day. What was simple for him was astonishing to me.

Let’s apply this to work

In the same way at work, are there things that you’ve been trained in or have been doing for so long that you don’t give a second thought about it now? I’m writing to remind you not to take these skills for granted. There are some co-workers or subordinates who will find how easily you do this miraculous.

I’ve had the experience of this one time as I was training our paralegal, Myka, on how to review contracts that our client sent to us. I sat her down, discussed the parts which needed modifications, and made recommendations on the spot. She was surprised why the points were that easy to point out. She also liked the way I restructured the contract to make it easier to use for the client later on.

The thing is I’ve reviewed hundreds, if not a thousand other contracts like this in over 10 years of helping people out as a lawyer. Experience kicks in and turns into expertise at some point, and it becomes easy for you to help other people out. How about you? Are there things which have become easy for you that others may still find challenging?

Photographer: Priscilla Du Preez | Source: Unsplash

Here’s my challenge for you

  1. Can you find something you find relatively easy to teach your colleagues or subordinates today. It has to be something that they would find magical to do once they get oriented on how you do things.
  2. Is there something that you want to learn? Why not ask a workmate to sit down with you and show you the ropes? It may make your work easier once you understand how things work.

Who knows? Taking the courage to teach or to ask someone to teach you may be able to set the tone of cooperation within your team. This may be the leadership contribution that you’re called to take today.

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