5 tips if you're recruiting an employee with StackPH

Employee Tips 1 min read , March 17, 2022

Are you hiring (for an employee) right now?

Are you having trouble finding qualified applicants?

A lot of employers have a hard time finding employees who are a good fit for their team.

They have a lot of questions about:

  • One thing I could do to increase the chances of recognizing the right employee
  • Importance of the resume
  • Things I should look out for in the interview
  • How can I know if the applicant's career plan is aligned with us
  • One thing I can do as a recruiter to show that I am professional

To help you guys out, we invited our friends from StackPH, a company that assists BPO businesses in filling in personnel vacancies by handling recruitment functions for them.

But before that, let us do a shoutout to our reader, Anthony C, who writes:

"Very helpful.. it is definitely straightforward and easy to understand. Takes a load off my mind and I'm talking about a "life savings load" 😂 off my mind. Thanks for this video."

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