It's sad to belong to a second family (when the estate settlement comes along)

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What happens when you meet the love of your life…but you’re already married? What can happen if someone starts another family without first properly ending the first marriage? How does that affect the estate settlement?

Paraang may naaalala ako diyan na kanta.

While having multiple families is generally not acceptable in our society we seem to always hear this happening around us. Our gossip magazines and websites are full of stories ranging from our favorite actors all the way to our politicians.

Regardless of the reasons or justifications, regardless of your personal or even religious beliefs on this matter, the law will have something to say about that when it comes to estate settlement. There will be legal effects to this situation that cannot be swept under the rug and be healed through time.

So our question for today comes from JOY, which is not her real name because she asked to remain anonymous. She writes:

“Attorney, maybe you can help us. Our mom and dad have been together for 37 long years and they have 3 kids. My dad met my mom when they were OFWs and were both stationed in Riyadh. They are still in love now as they were when they first started dating. They are so happy in love together and there is no denying that they are each other’s soulmate.”

But Attorney, there is a bit of a hitch. My dad was married for 2 years to another woman and they had 2 kids. My dad claims that he was only forced to marry her because he got her pregnant but they were never compatible. They split but never formalized anything. My dad was already separated from his original wife long before he met my mom.

My father is in contact with the original family and we are civil with each other. But heard that the original wife still has bad feelings against my dad and his new family. Should we be worried?

If you or anyone in your family is in a similar situation as JOY stick around as we discuss this interesting story….

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What you will learn from this episode on Estate Settlement with 2 families

1. In case Mario dies today, what will happen? Legal wife is still and heir. Legit children and illegitimate

2. What are their sharing percentages?

3. Is there any chance for Anna? Yes consult a professional and determine possible ways to protect her interests


For most of you, this lesson was more than enough, and if it makes your life easier, then you're welcome. But there are some of you who will watch this video and end up asking more questions, such as, Attorney, what if there are more children involved? Or Attorney, what happens if the heirs cannot agree? Or, Attorney, what if there are no children but Mario’s parents are still alive?

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One last thing, We all want to protect our loved ones. In protecting them, there are many issues and problems which we can FORESEE. Mario and Anna’s situation is something they can definitely foresee and do something about. But in taking steps to prevent a problem, we usually focus on what it will cost us to take action. HOW MUCH MONEY IT WILL COST US. HOW MUCH TIME WE WILL CONSUME ON THIS. AND HOW MUCH EFFORT IT WILL TAKE US. Many times though, we do not think about the COST OF INACTION. What happens if you DO NOT TAKE ACTION. We believe that the COST OF INACTION is just as, if not even more important than the cost of action. Weigh these 2 sides of the coin, then DECIDE to take action...or not.

It’s your choice.

So wasn’t that simple? Now go make better choices!

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