What should you look out for when buying a condominium in the Philippines?

Property Developer Issues 1 min read , September 21, 2022

Ano ang mga dapat bantayan kung bibili ka ng codominium sa Pilipinas?

Kung nakabili ka na at naka encounter ka ng problema, ano ang mga legal remedies available sayo?

Tanong ng mga reader natin ngayon na nagsabing:

"Attorney, I'm an overseas worker and I'm thinking of buying a condo in the Philippines. What should I look out for? How do I avoid getting scammed? In addition, what are the remedies you can recommend if I encounter issues?" - Jojo Mirano

So in this episode, we will discuss:

  • What should you look out for before buying?
  • What are the different cases you can file?
  • What is the procedure when you file a complaint?

If you bought a property and you're having issues with your developer, we have something that can help. We recorded an FAQ session where we answered the most common questions related to real property issues.

You can access the recording by going to https://legalaccess.ph/ and choosing the "Property Developer Issues" link there.

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