Can a former Filipino own land in the Philippines?

Estate Settlement Transferring of Land 3 min read , June 23, 2022

Can a former Filipino still own land or real properties in the Philippines?

We all know that our Constitution currently prohibits foreigners to own land in the Philippines. But does this apply to Filipinos, who became citizens of another country?

A lot of our countrymen who worked abroad for many years want to eventually retire back here in the motherland. But what if theyโ€™ve already gained citizenship in that other country? Can they still come back to the Philippines and own property?

This is the question of one of our viewers, Bobby E and he writes:

โ€œMaraming former natural-born Filipino ang gusto umuwi na at mag retire sa Pilipinas. Naghahanap po sila ng land for residential at land for small business / agricultural for them to have income just for their daily need.
Nag research po ako.
Former natural-born Filipinos can own property in the Philippines, subject to limitations prescribed by Philippine Republic Act 8179.
This "residential property up to 1000 square meters of urban land or one hectare of rural land. May limit po ba itong number of property?โ€

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So, what are we going to discuss about the topic: Can a former Filipino own land in the Philippines?

Which is a concern for many Filipino immigrants: Can they still own real properties in the Philippines?

  • Constitutional Prohibition on Aliens Owning Lands in the Philippines
  • BP 185 and Foreign Investment Act
  • Dual Citizens


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One last thing..... a lot of our countrymen have decided to live their lives abroad in search of a better life. In doing so, they may have given their allegiance to that foreign country, renouncing their Pinoy citizenship.

But for those who want to come back to the motherland simply to repatriate or invest or even retire, the law has made it easier for them to be welcomed back with open arms. The Philippines still loves you. Come back and together letโ€™s make our country a better place to live in.

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Estate Settlement Transferring of Land