Can an illegitimate child have an inheritance from grandparents?

Estate Settlement 3 min read , June 9, 2022

Do you have an illegitimate child? Did you ever wonder what their rights really are when it comes to inheritance?

Let's face it, illegitimate children exist all around us. And it's not their fault that they are. But somehow, growing up, we were given the impression that they were inferior or had fewer rights, especially when it came to inheritance.

This is exactly what one of our readers wanted to know. Her name is Catherine G. HI CATHERINE! and she writes:

“My daughter is an illegitimate child. Unfortunately, her father and grandfather already passed away. Her great-grandmother is still alive. My daughter has a relationship with her father's family and relatives. But because the great-grandmother might have a huge inheritance to leave the family. Would my daughter be able to fight for rights?”

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What will you learn about illegitimate children and what are their rights especially when it comes to their inheritance?

  • Who is an illegitimate child?
  • Rights of an illegitimate child
  • Rights in the inheritance
  • In response to Catherine’s questions

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One last thing..... children are a blessing, no matter how they come into this world. They did not cause themselves to be classified as legitimate or illegitimate. The law as it is now gives fewer privileges to illegitimate children. So if you want to protect their rights or their futures, be sure to plan way... way ahead.

Don't wait when people start dying around them. Consult your trusted legal professional and see if you can protect them.

So wasn't that simple? Now go make better choices.

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