Can you suspend an employee while there's an ongoing investigation (Preventive Suspension)?

Labor Law Employee Tips 2 min read , September 21, 2022

Para sa mga amo, puwede ba ninyo i-suspinde ang empleyado habang iniimbistigahan sa violation nya o Preventive Suspension?

Sa mga empleyado, ano ang mga karapatan ninyo pag nasuspinde?

Ito yung tanong ng mga readers natin ngayon, 2 sila:

“Hi Sir, I was put on a preventive suspension for 5 days due to neglect of duty, I am working as a supervisor in a BPO company. I received a NTE letter that would last for 5 days, I provided my explanation in less than 5 days, they won't let me report for work while the case is still on-going and now it is more than a month and I haven't received any NOTICE OF DECISION. Am I not eligible for payroll for those days while the case is ongoing? and why did the company take more than a month to decide?” - Lino G.
“If the employer sent a notice of preventive suspension can the employee go to duty or report at work or not anymore?” - Hyacynth T.

Welcome to Legal Guide Philippines where we simplify the law to help you make better choices. I'm Atty. Ramon Ramirez and I'm with my partner, Atty. Erwin Zagala.

So in this episode, we will tackle Preventive Suspension:

  1. What is a preventive suspension
  2. How is it different from the regular suspension
  3. What can you do with preventive suspension
  4. What can't you do with preventive suspension

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For most of you, this video was more than enough, and if it makes your life easier then you're welcome. But there are those of you who will watch this video and end up asking more questions such as...

“Attorney what is the format for preventive suspensions? What should I do while the employee is preventively suspended?”

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One last thing... the law gives employers certain rights, so kailangan po natin igalang ito. However, employers, wag din natin abusuhin itong kapangyarihan na ito at kawawa naman ang mga employees natin. Actually, kawawa ka rin kasi may consequences yan sa batas.

For employees, alagaan po natin ang trabaho natin upang maiwasan din ang mga sitwasyon na aabot pa sa imbestigasyon. Respetuhin natin ang isa't isa.

So wasn't that simple? Now go make better choices.