How Do Barangay Officials Help You

Election 1 min read , April 7, 2022

Ano nga ba ang trabaho ng mga taga barangay?

Sino ang nababagay na iboto sa mga posisyon na ito?

This episode is a joint project with the Counsellor Institute, a non-profit organization that provides research, policy formulation, advisory, and public communication to create government policies guided by science and research. Go to for more information.

Welcome to Legal Guide Philippines where we simplify the law to help you make better choices. My name is Atty. Ramon Ramirez and I’m with my partner, Atty. Erwin Zagala.

What this series is all about?

  • Orientation on how government works
  • How the people you elect fit into the system
  • How to gauge who is a good fit for these positions

What this is not

  • Campaign for a particular candidate - we give you the tools so you can decide on your own

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Before you go any further, make sure you watched episode 1 or How the Philippine Government works.

This time, we'll raise it from barangay to the city and provincial levels. For you to understand what we're pointing out.

What can you learn in this episode about Barangay?

So in this episode, we will be talking about the smallest government unit there is, and that is the Barangay and its officials.

We will be diving into different people we put into enforcement and rulemaking capacity.

Up next:

In the next 5 episodes, we dive into the different people we put into enforcement and rulemaking capacities

So wasn't that simple?

Now go make better choices.

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