Reclaimed Land? Sino ba ang tinatawag na may-ari?

Estate Settlement 3 min read , September 22, 2022

Sino ba ang may ari ng tinatawag na reclaimed land? Pwede ba itong pa-titulohan?

Meron tayong mga kababayan na nakatira malapit sa mga ilog. Pa-minsan-minsan, may nabu-buong lupa sa riverbanks na eventually ay pwede nang tirhan. Minsan naman nakikita nating tinatambakan ng lupa yung ilog para mas lumawak yung river banks.

Ano ba ng epekto nitong mga to sa pag mamay-ari ng lupa?

Ganyan ang tanong ng reader natin today, Marie M., who says:

"My uncle would like to give me a small portion of his backyard. This property is in Pampanga and is facing a riverbank. It's like an extension of his backyard so I was told it may no longer be covered by the land title he inherited from my grandmother.
The piece of land I think was a reclaimed area, my grandparents extended the back lots which were rice plots before, and made them part of the compound. If it does not have a title, can my uncle still give it as a gift?"

So, today paguusapan natin ang mga sumusunod:

  1. Ano ba yung reclamation?
  2. Ano effect nung reclamation sa may ari?

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Answering Marie's question about Reclaimed Land:

  • The land subject in Marie's question, her uncle's backyard, faces a riverbank, and the portion to be donated is an extension of such a backyard.
  • She also stated that the portion to be donated is not part of the title of her uncle's land. In addition, she mentioned that the land was a "reclaimed area."
  • From the facts presented, it can be surmised that the portion to be donated was previously part of the river and that her grandparents reclaimed the area to extend their property.
  • Since the property is a reclaimed area, the same shall not fall as accretion under Article 457 of the Civil Code since it was not formed due to the currents of the river. The land formation was man-made.
  • The reclaimed area still forms part of the river; hence, a property of public dominion. It is owned by the State and cannot be alienated by Marie's uncle.

These conclusions were based on the facts presented and may change after further investigation of the nature of the property as well as the extension of the portion sought to be donated.



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