How to terminate employees properly?

Business Law 2 min read , January 27, 2022

How do you terminate an employee properly in the Philippines? Are there requirements that need my attention as a boss?

This seems to be a recurring question from our readers and clients so we decided to make a video out of it.

Just like our reader, Kyle, who asks:

Attorney, I have an employee that committed a violation at work. I was about to tell him "You're fired!" but my business partner held me back and told me to calm down. She also told me to follow due process, but I have no idea what that means. Can you help me?"

If you're thinking the same thing, stick around as we tackle these questions today.

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Welcome to Legal Guide Philippines where we simplify the law to help you make better choices. I'm Atty. Ramirez and I'm with my partner, Atty. Erwin Zagala.

So today, we're talking about "termination." How to remove employees from your team.

What will you learn in this episode about how to terminate an employee?

1. Are you clear about why they are being taken out?

2. follow the process

3. What if you don't follow the process?

4. Definite No-no's

Additional Resources

For most of you, this video was more than enough, and if it makes your life easier then you're welcome. But there are those of you who will watch this video and end up asking more questions such as

“Attorney what is the format for the notices? What should I write there? How do I serve it properly?”

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One last thing... everyone deserves a fair shot at clearing their name in case they are innocent. That's what the due process requirements are about. It's a standardized way that everyone can clear their name no matter who their boss is. Part of your job as a business owner is to make sure this is followed because being a good boss is ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to be heard.

So wasn't that simple? Now go make better choices.