What should you do when you’ve lost your land title?

Reissuance of Land Title Land Title 2 min read , June 16, 2022

Have you lost your land title? How do you replace it?

Physical titles are prone to be lost. Whether it gets stolen, lost by floods, fires, or earthquakes... There’s a lot that can happen.

What can we do to replace it if you can’t find it? Is it a matter of just filing an affidavit of loss and you get a new copy?

This is exactly what one of our readers wanted to know. Her name is Micah A. and she writes:

“Hi Attorney, our house in Marikina is very prone to floods. In fact, during one big flood last year, our bedroom was overrun with water and our land title went missing. Now, I want to transfer and I’m in the process of selling my lot. But I can’t complete the transfer if I don’t have a title. Can you help me replace it?"

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These are the things to be discussed in this episode about Land Title:

  • What is Reissuance?
  • How will it help you?
  • How does it work?
  • What evidence is needed?
  • Tips to safeguard your title
  • Convert Manual Title to e-title

Additional Resources:

For most of you, this video was more than enough, and if it makes your life easier then you're welcome. But there are those of you who will need a legal team to help them because they will have to file a petition in court.

If that's you, then we invite you to watch our briefing on the Reissuance of Titles where we answer questions clients usually ask us about reissuance. Afterward, if you still need it, you can book a consultation with us. We'll get your details and see how we can assist. You can reach us via our website at https://legalaccess.ph and choose "Reissuance of Title" from the options.

Reissuance of Title

One last thing..... titles are precious, but despite all of our care, there will be times when they can get lost. Don't worry, there's a solution available. Just ensure that you get a reliable legal team so that you go through the process efficiently.

So wasn't that simple? Now go make better choices.

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