Affidavit of loss finally explained

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Affidavit of Loss Finally Explained

How many of you have lost things before? How many are prone to misplacing things all over the place?

We leave umbrellas, we leave keys, and even cellphones behind all the time. Most of the time, we can replace them anytime as long as we can buy new ones. However, the hardest to replace are documents that have legal significance. Driver’s Licenses, School or Company ID’s, or Certificates. When these get lost, we are usually required to submit an Affidavit of Loss.

As a non-lawyer, you may be asking:

“Attorney, what exactly is an affidavit of loss? Why do they ask me to submit it? When I submit it, what exactly am I saying there? Can you explain it to me before I sign it?”

If you’ve ever signed an affidavit of loss before but never understood what it is, stay tuned as we explain it to you.

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Welcome to Legal Guide Philippines, where we simplify the law to help you make better choices. I'm Atty. Ramon Ramirez and I are with my partner Atty. Erwin Zagala.

So today we're talking about the affidavit of loss. A lot of people need it, have it drafted, submit it, sign it, and submit it, but not a lot of you actually understand why you do it. So we’ll share 3 angles to help you understand what this document is all about.

What you will learn from this episode

So Atty. Erwin just talked about the affidavit of loss, and he explained it using 3 ways of looking at it.

1. It’s an announcement

2. It’s a reason

3. It’s a guarantee - it's notarized

Additional Resources

For most of you, this lesson was more than enough. And if it makes your life easier then great. But there are some of you who will watch end up asking more questions, such as:

Where can I get a template for the Affidavit of Loss?

What about the other common documents? Where can I get them?

What happens when I have them notarized?

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One last thing, if you are asked to submit legal documents, it’s a good practice to understand why you are submitting them and what you are being asked to attest to BEFORE you sign anything. Since an affidavit of loss is one of the most common legal documents you will encounter, use this as a starting point and make it a habit to understand legal documents before you sign them in the future.

So wasn't that simple? Now go make better choices.

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