Can a Foreign Pinoy still inherit property from relatives?

Transferring of Land Estate Settlement 1 min read , September 21, 2022

Can a Foreign Pinoy, still inherit property from his relatives?

What if the title to the property is missing? What can we do? Marami na tayong mga Pinoy na nag abroad na. Doon na tumira. Gumawa ng maayos na buhay. Marami sa kanila, doon na rin nagka anak. Dun na sila nabubuhay. Pero paano na yung mga mamanahin nila sa mga lamag-anak nila sa Pinas?

Now, this is the question of one of our viewers, Paean S. and she writes...

"I am not a Filipino citizen. I inherited a house and lot in Quezon City, Philippines. There was a time when my dad gave half the inheritance to my aunt. My aunt was single and had passed away. We lost the land title. To whom does the inheritance belong to? Will we be able to claim the whole title? What are the procedures to take to get our parents’ inheritance?”

If you’re having issues transferring your land or have issues transferring the properties of a loved one who passed away, we have something that can help.

We recorded an FAQ session where we answered the most common questions related to real property transfers and estate settlement.

You can access the recording by going to and choosing the 1) transferring land or the 2) estate settlement topics there.

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