Getting terminated due to negligence

Labor Law 3 min read , May 26, 2022

Do you know how employees are terminated because of gross and habitual negligence?

Is this allowed and what is the process for doing so?

Our episode today involves an employee who is contesting being terminated. But people on both sides can learn a lot from this, both employers and employees.

Angelique V wants to know about the neglect of duty as a just cause for terminating an employee:

“Good day Atty. I was dismissed by my previous employer with alleged negligence of my duty. I am thinking of filing a case with the NLRC for Illegal Dismissal. To add, recently, I requested for my COE but they said that they would not issue my COE [and] ITR if I will not accept the final pay which comes with the condition that I won't file any case or won't hold anything legal against them. Please advise po kung tama yung ginagawa ng previous employer ko. Salamat po”

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What can you learn about getting terminated for gross and habitual negligence:

  1. Neglect of duty as a just cause
  2. Procedural due process in termination cases
  3. Quitclaim and waivers
  4. COE

Additional Resources:

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One last thing... nobody has to put up with bad behavior at work. But everyone deserves a fair shot at clearing their name in case they are innocent. That's what the due process requirements are about. So if you're an employee, do the best you can so you can show that you value your job. For employers, let's try to give as many chances for employees to prove themselves. If all that fails, we let the law take its proper course and lead to a proper termination.

So wasn't that simple? Now go make better choices.