Pwede ka ba sisantihin kapag nakalimutan mo i-declare ang 'yong previous employment?

Weekly Show Episodes 2 min read , November 23, 2022

Can your employer dismiss your employment in case you forgot to state your previous employment?

Pwede ka ba tanggalin?

Is omission to state previous employment a valid ground to dismiss an employee?

Ito yung tanong ng mga reader natin ngayon na nagsabing:

“Good day po attorneys. Magtatanong po sana ako kung paano po kapag ka hindi ko inilagay ang previous job experience ko po kahit nakapag resign naman ako. Malalaman ba yan ng bago kong employer na hindi ko nilagay ang job experience ko po? Salamat.” - Mark

So in this episode, we will discuss:

  1. New Supreme Court Case: Celis vs. Bank of Makati (G.R. No. 250776. June 15, 2022)
  2. The penalty must be commensurate to the nature of the infraction/ Rule on Proportionality
  3. Principle of Totality of Infractions
  4. Re: Mark Joseph Manuela's question

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I am so grateful that I have found the Legal Guide page because it's really a big help for me. The book covers everything that I need to know. Thank you so much also for answering my query! God Bless you more! - Minor Basilica

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So today, we're talking about omission to state previous employment...

  1. Redundancy of Position as an Authorized Cause in Termination of Employment
  2. Due Process Requirement in Terminating Employment Due to Redundancy
  3. Closure of Business as an Authorized Cause in Terminating Employment
  4. Due Process Requirement in Terminating Employment due to Closure or Cessation of Business
  5. Management Prerogative to Transfer Employees
  6. Answering Mark’s Questions

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One last thing...

Trust is a two-way street. in the same way that employees need to trust employers that they will give what they promised in terms of work and benefits, employees need to do everything they can to maintain the trust so that the work goes smoothly. If ever there are details that need to be clarified, do so at the earliest possible time to avoid having it escalate.

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