What if someone claims that they own your land?

Transferring of Land 3 min read , June 2, 2022

What do you do if one day, someone comes up to you and says โ€œGive us your land, we own that! Your grandparents donated that to us.โ€

How do you protect your family? What are the laws related to this? This is exactly what happened to Rachel who said:

โ€œAtty, we have a land na binili ng lolo at lola ko more than 20yrs ago and meron po kaming deed of sale sa lupa na yun. Namatay na yung grandparents ko pati yung daddy ko na only child nila and ngayon biglang may naghahabol na kukunin daw yung lupa kase dinonate daw sa kanila. Matagal na din patay yung owner and sa pagkakaalam ko patay na din yung tao na involved sa sinabing donation. Bali family nalang yung naghahabol sa lupa. Sa ngayon kase kami ang nagbabayad ng tax and na sa amin din yung papers nung lupa na yun, ano po pwede gawin sa kanila na legal action? Thank you so much po. God bless!โ€

So in this episode about someone claiming your own land, we will talk about:

  1. How do you check if a donation is legitimate?
  2. What are the requisites for a valid donation?
  3. How is a donation registered with the Registry of Deeds?
  4. How will Rachel deal with this situation?

But before that, weโ€™d like to give a shoutout to Carlo who said:

The tandem of Atty. Erwin and Atty. Ramon is really powerful! I really appreciate how they make understanding the law simpler. I know their main purpose is to really serve our community! Looking forward to learn more from you guys! ๐Ÿค 

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Generally, after a contract of sale, ownership is transferred over the land when possession of it has been given to the buyer. If the alleged donation was made after the contract of sale and after the transfer of possession over the land, the latter should prevail over the former. If the donation was perfected before the contract of sale, a donation will prevail if valid. Consult your lawyer for the proper legal action if the party in the alleged donation insists on the validity of his or her claim over the land. To remove any doubt about your title, going to court may be necessary.

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So wasn't that simple? Now go make better choices.

Transferring of Land